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Previous Cyber Work episodes

How to learn web application security | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast, Infosec Skills author Ted Harrington talks about authoring a recent Infosec Skills learning path, “How To Do Application Security Right,” which is also the subtitle of his recent book, “Hackable: How To Do Application Security Right.” Harrington shares his application security expertise, or AppSec, the benefits of skills-based learning, and what it was like to hack the iPhone.

0:00 - Intro
3:00 - Hacking the iPhone
8:30 - IOT security
14:00 - “Hackable” book
17:14 - Using the book as a roadmap
18:42 - Most important skills right now
21:45 - Taking Harrington’s class
24:40 - Demystifying application security
26:48 - Career opportunities
28:26 - Roadblocks in application security
30:55 - Education tips for application security
33:40 - Benefits of skills-based education
37:21 - The skills gap and hiring process
41:19 - Tips for lifelong learners
43:43 - Harrington’s next projects
44:33 - Cybersecurity’s education’s future
45:38 - Connect with Harrington
46:50 - Outro
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How to become a secure coder | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast Infosec Skills author Chrys Thorsen talks about founding IT Without Borders, a humanitarian organization built to empower underserved communities through capacity building information and communications technology (ICT) skills and information access. She’s also a consultant and educator. And, for our purpose, she is the author of several learning paths on our Infosec Skills platform. She has written course paths for Writing Secure Code in Android and Writing Secure Code in iOS, as well as a forthcoming CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder path.

0:00 - Intro
2:43 - Thorsen’s origin story in cybersecurity
4:53 - Gaining about 40 certifications
6:20 - Cross certification knowledge
7:25 - Great certification combos
8:45 - How useful are certifications?
11:12 - Collecting certifications
13:01 - Changing training landscape
14:20 - How teaching changed
16:36 - In-demand cybersecurity skills
17:48 - What is secure coding?
19:34 - Secure coders versus coders
20:31 - Secure coding in iOS versus Android
22:39 - CertNexus secure coder certification
24:13 - Secure coding before coding
24:42 - Secure coding curriculum
26:27 - Recommended studies post secure coding
26:50 - Benefits to skills-based education
27:43 - Tips for lifelong learning
29:29 - Cybersecurity education’s future
30:54 - IT Without Borders
33:38 - Outro
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Learning Linux is key to building your cybersecurity skills | Cyber Work Podcast

On today’s podcast Jasmine Jackson takes us through how you can get noticed on your resume, how Linux basics can set you up for learning other aspects of cybersecurity, and how capture the flag (CTF) activities are crucial to enriching your work skills. Jackson has over 10 years of information security experience and shares her passion for cybersecurity by presenting and teaching workshops, including new courses now available in Infosec Skills. She is currently the Jeopardy-style CTF coach for the inaugural U.S. Cyber Games and works as a senior application security engineer for a Fortune 500 company.

0:00 - Intro
3:08 - Jasmine Jackson’s origin story
4:25 - Winning a computer
6:22 - Jackson’s career path
13:46 - Thoughts on certifications
19:10 - Ideal job description
21:01 - Most important cybersecurity skills
22:54 - Linux fundamentals class
25:07 - What does knowing Linux do for you?
26:35 - How to build upon a Linux foundation
28:51 - Benefits to skills training
29:50 - Tips for lifelong learning
31:30 - Coaching in the U.S. Cyber Games
34:26 - How are team members chosen for the games?
37:47 - An intriguing CTF puzzle
41:43 - Where is cybersecurity education heading?
43:36 - Learn more about Jackson
46:33 - Outro
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Cryptography, encryption and building a secure photo app | Cyber Work Podcast

Today's guest is Alex Amiryan, a software developer with over 18 years of experience specializing in cybersecurity and cryptography. Alex is the creator of the popular SafeCamera app, which was the predecessor of Stingle Photos, an end-to-end encrypted, open-source gallery and sync app able to prevent theft by breach. How does it work, and how did Alex come by his obsession for cryptography? Tune in and find out!

0:00 - Intro
1:41 - Origin story in cybersecurity
3:38 - Running afoul of the law
4:44 - Beginning your own company
7:10 - Advice on starting a business
9:15 - What is Stingle Photos?
12:30 - End-to-end encryption
15:20 - Black box storage
17:47 - Encryption safety
19:01 - Preventing photo theft
22:20 - Working in encryption and cryptography
24:24 - Skills needed for encryption and cryptography
26:43 - An "aha" moment
28:00 - Cryptographer job market
29:45 - Next steps in cryptography
35:52 - Learn more about Stingle Photos
36:28 - Outro
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Saving McDonald’s from a possible data breach | Cyber Work Podcast

This week we chat with Connor Greig of CreatorSphere about beginning a career in IT at age 17 when he joined Hewlett Packard as an applications engineer, but after just a few weeks was promoted to project manager. He went on to work on secure projects for the British government and was a project manager for secure cloud computing and software development modernization during the WannaCry, Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities that were found.

0:00 - Intro
3:00 - Origin story
4:58 - Getting into IT
8:53 - Being scouted by HP at 17
11:34 - What did HP see in you?
15:42 - Working with the British government
17:49 - Being fast on your feet
19:51 - Area of specialty
21:30 - Balancing work and management
25:25 - Saving McDonald's from a data breach
31:58 - McDonald's reaction
38:56 - Starting your own company
45:25 - Advice for starting your own company
49:15 - How to learn new concepts and skills
53:15 - What's it like being a gay man in cybersecurity?
55:30 - Making cybersecurity more welcoming
58:15 - Cybersecurity career advice
1:00:33 - Outro
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Inside the Security Yearbook: Industry trends, career advice and more! | Cyber Work Podcast

Security Yearbook creator Richard Stiennon joins today’s podcast to share his career journey. He talks about creating the first ISP in the Midwest in the ‘90s, the role of the Security Yearbook in telling the history of cybersecurity and the best place to start your cybersecurity career. Hint: It’s not necessarily with the big firms!

0:00 - Infosec Skills Monthly Challenge
0:50 - Intro
2:50 - How Richard got started in cybersecurity
7:22 - Penetration testing in the ‘90s
10:17 - Working as a research analyst
14:39 - How the cyberwar landscape is changing
19:33 - Skills needed as a cybersecurity researcher
20:30 - Launching the Security Yearbook
27:20 - Security Yearbook 2021
29:00 - Importance of cybersecurity history
30:48 - How do cybersecurity investors see the industry
34:08 - Impact of COVID-19 and work from home
35:50 - Using the Security Yearbook to guide your career
40:38 - How cybersecurity careers are changing
43:29 - Current pentesting trends
47:06 - First steps to becoming a research analyst
48:20 - Plans for Security Yearbook 2022
50:20 - Learn more about Richard Stiennon
51:09 - Outro
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Weekly career advice

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Q&As with industry pros

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