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Marine Lowlifes: Whaling Shark Infographic

Posters: Marine Lowlifes: Whaling Shark

Posters: Marine Lowlifes: Swimming in Emails

Marine Lowlifes: Spearphish Infographic

Posters: Marine Lowlifes: Spearphish

Marine Lowlifes: Common Phish Infographic

Posters: Marine Lowlifes: Common Phish

Marine Lowlifes: Clone Phish Infographic

Posters: Marine Lowlifes: Clone Phish

Marine Lowlifes Resource Library

Marine Lowlifes Campaign Kit

Marine Lowlifes Resource Library

Download the entire library of Marine Lowlifes resources and training materials. Resources include training modules, posters, infographics, email templates, digital banners and a communication plan to help you roll out every step of the campaign.

Marine Lowlifes Campaign Kit

You don't need to be a communications expert, have an unlimited budget or set aside dozens of hours to create a truly engaging security awareness campaign. You just need the right resources and a playbook. Along with a brand new set of training modules, posters, infographics and email templates, the campaign kit comes with a communication plan to help you roll out every step of the campaign.

Marine Lowlifes: Whaling Shark

The wonders of nature are displayed up close as the Whaling Shark chases its prey, the powerful and important Whale. Teach your employees how to spot and avoid this dangerous attack.

Marine Lowlifes: Spearphish

Target sighted! Follow the hunt of that vicious but sometimes misaimed predator, the Spearphish.

Marine Lowlifes: Common Phish

Dive into the Sea of Emails for a closer look at one of the oldest scams still swimming today: the Common Phish.

Marine Lowlifes: Clone Phish

Sink into the depths to observe the Clone Phish, which disguises itself as a previously trustworthy message to lure in prey.

Cybersecurity Culture — Quantified

See the data on the most overlooked variable in security and learn how to measure your organization's cybersecurity culture.