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Safe Web Browsing for Healthcare Professionals and Providers

This module will define safe browsing and show healthcare professionals how PHI can be compromised through malicious plugins and downloads.

Physical Security and PHI for Healthcare Managers

This module reviews best practices for physical security as it relates to HIPAA compliance, including facility access, device storage, physical record management and electronic record transmission.

Breach Notification for Healthcare Managers

This module details HIPAA’s definition of a breach, breach disclosure requirements (including an overview of the concept of safe harbor) and recommended breach detection and notification methods.

Physical Security and PHI

HIPAA includes specific requirements for physical safeguards that every organization should have in place to secure protected health information (PHI).

Removable Media & PHI

This module details best practices healthcare professionals can follow to safeguard protected health information and avoid infection from removable media.

Password Security for Healthcare Professionals and Providers

This module stresses the importance of following internal policies regarding creating complex, effective passwords to protect access to protected health information.

Social Engineering for Healthcare Professionals And Providers

Healthcare professionals are targeted by hackers via social engineering. This module will explain social engineering techniques in detail, and review HIPAA requirements regarding external requests for PHI.

Social Engineering for Healthcare Executives

This module covers social engineering techniques, reviews HIPAA requirements regarding external requests for PHI, and how healthcare executives support policies to prevent social engineering attacks.

Working Remotely for Healthcare Professionals And Providers

This module will outline HIPAA requirements for working remotely, such as using encrypted VPNs and securing personal devices.

Mobile Security for Healthcare Professionals

This security awareness module covers best practices for healthcare professionals to ensure HIPAA compliance when using mobile devices to store or access protected health information.

PHI Definition

This video explains Protected Health Information (PHI) and provides examples of individually identifiable health information.

Phishing for Healthcare Professionals and Providers

Healthcare professionals with access to protected health information are popular hacker targets. This module will show how to identify phishing attacks, and how to report phishing attacks.

Malware and PHI

Malware infections are considered a HIPAA security incident. This module teaches healthcare professionals how to identify malware and actions organizations can take to avoid malware infections.


Our role-based HIPAA/HITECH module defines Protected Health Information (PHI), explains the need for PHI security and outlines best practices for handling PHI. We’ll also suggest additional resources for PHI-related questions in the workplace

Who Can You Trust? (Social Engineering)

This video highlights the risks of disclosing patient information without first verifying requester identity.

Introduction To HIPAA

This module briefly covers the main points of HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA Minimum Necessary Standard

This brief video extrapolates on how many people are authorized to access one person's health records.

PHI Policy

This video shows the importance of formulating and implementing organizational policy regarding PHI.

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