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Just the Facts: Social Engineering

Some cyber-defenses can be broken without the use of a computer. Explore the details and dangers of social engineering, the tactics that exploit the human element, and get yourself informed with Just the Facts.

Just the Facts: Phishing

Don’t get caught by phishers trawling for data. Get the facts on phishing: what it is, how it works and what you can do to avoid it.

Is it Safe? (Mobile Security)

This short video reinforces the importance of using trusted publishers when installing mobile applications. It uses actors, professionally produced scenes and compelling narrative to reinforce the consequences of insecure mobile applications.

Just the Facts: Introduction for Educators

The internet requires a whole new lesson plan. Explore smart cybersecurity behaviors and learn about common threats in the digital world.

Locked Down (Lock Screens)

This micro-learning module emphasizes the importance of locking your screens.

Every Step You Take (Mentoring)

Even after you've learned good security practices, you should share your knowledge with others.

Knowledge Is Power (Security Training)

Security training should be a part of your daily life.

Score! (Encryption)

This module teaches how to prevent interception of your messages.

One Wrong Move (Phishing)

This one-minute video uses actors, professionally produced scenes and compelling narrative to reinforce the consequences of a phishing attack.

How Much Is Too Much? (Password Security)

In less than one minute, this video reinforces the importance of keeping passwords private.

Safe Harbor

How to browse the web safely.

Who Can You Trust? (Social Engineering)

This video highlights the risks of disclosing patient information without first verifying requester identity.

How Secure Is Public WiFi? (Public WiFi)

In just one minute, this video explains the risks of connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, including how sensitive information can be intercepted by attackers.

Where Is Your Device? (Backups)

This 60-second video details the importance of physical security and frequent data backups.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

This video covers the risks of carrying out business outside of your facility.

A Few Extra Seconds (Lock Screens)

Why you should use lock screens on your devices.

Lost and Found (Encryption)

Why you should use encryption in sensitive environments.

Better Together

This micro-learning module presents the concept of two-factor authentication in a delicious way!

Cybersecurity Culture — Quantified

See the data on the most overlooked variable in security and learn how to measure your organization's cybersecurity culture.