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Posters: WORKed

Download all posters in the WORKed campaign.

WORKed: Banners & Digital Signage

Download all digital banners in the WORKed campaign.

WORKed: Email Templates

Download the WORKed email templates.

Need to Know: Stakeholder Presentation

Use the pre-built PowerPoint to present your security awareness goals, tactics and training materials to your organization’s stakeholders.

The Art of Cyber War: Removable Media

Hackers steal information from unencrypted, removable media.

The Art of Cyber War: Data Retention

Hackers depend on poorly defined data retention policies and bad policy compliance for opportunities to exploit and steal data.

The Art of Cyber War: Personal Identification Information

Personally identifiable information (PII) is any information which, either on its own or combined with other information, can be used to distinguish or trace an individual's identity.

The Art of Cyber War: Cloud Service

"The Cloud" is just another word for internet-based hosting and storage services offered by external companies. Make sure your Cloud is secure, remains private and contains all of the data you expect.

The Art of Cyber War: Safe Browsing

Spyware, or malicious software, can be found in all corners of the Internet.

The Art of Cyber War: Malware

Your computer is at risk of attacks by hackers using malware, or malicious software, that is intended to steal, damage or control computers and computer systems.

The Art of Cyber War: Cyber Security

The threat of cyberattack is real, it’s everyone’s responsibility to learn more about cyber protection.

The Art of Cyber War: Physical Security

Poor physical security can often defeat the best IT security controls.

The Art of Cyber War: Working Remotely

Hackers steal information from unsecured connections.

The Art of Cyber War: Social Engineering

Hackers have you unknowingly provide information for use in an attack.

The Art of Cyber War: Phishing Attacks

Hackers use email as the primary approach for phishing.

The Art of Cyber War: Removable Media

Hackers steal information from unencrypted, removable media.

The Art of Cyber War: Security Incident Reporting

Sharing this information is good for everyone and exposes the activities of hackers.

The Art of Cyber War: Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware holds hostage technology and data that is critical for running your most vital operations.

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All Infosec IQ security awareness and training resources are infused with LX Labs know-how. Our elite team of cyber experts, learning specialists and creative ninjas blend cybersecurity expertise with right-brain design talent and solid instructional design. It’s what makes our security awareness series like WORKed and Need to Know so engaging and effective.

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