Security Awareness Training & Anti-Phishing Simulator

Employees are not a security problem. They are part of the solution. Infosec IQ security awareness training and anti-phishing software empowers your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cybersecure at work and home.

Security awareness & training // Phishing simulator // Remote working training

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Engaging security awareness training

Educate employees and motivate behavior change with personalized security awareness and training.

Fulfill and document compliance, build awareness with engaging campaigns or deliver training automatically to employees who need it most.

Training and awareness content library

Choose from 700+ training resources in different lengths, styles and languages to inspire a culture of security at your organization.

Infosec IQ delivers the largest and most diverse variety of training content in the industry, including interactive training modules, microlearning videos, assessments, posters, infographics, campaign kits and more.

Phishing simulations & training

Conduct anti-phishing education at the point of attack — the inbox.

Educate your workforce with our library of phishing templates and education tools or build your own templates to prepare employees for the threats you face in your environment.

Reporting & assessments

Measure your organization’s compliance score, phish rate and more to share progress with stakeholders and prove success.

Dive deeper by monitoring campaign auto-reports, assessment results and learner security awareness grades to identify knowledge gaps before breaches occur.

Program automation & management

Save time with automation rules and ensure success with the help of our client success team.

Sync with Active Directory, integrate with your LMS and endpoint protection or build your own custom integration using our Open API.

Exceptional learning experiences powered by LX Labs cyber expertise

All Infosec IQ security awareness and training resources are infused with LX Labs know-how. Our elite team of cyber experts, learning specialists and creative ninjas blend cybersecurity expertise with right-brain design talent and solid instructional design. It’s what makes our security awareness series like WORKed and Need to Know so engaging and effective.

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  • Develop and deepen your team’s security talents
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