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Find the right training faster and unlock the skills that matter most

with Infosec Skills Roles


Meet Infosec Skills Roles

12 training roadmaps aligned to the most in-demand cybersecurity roles — all in one platform.


What can you accomplish with Infosec Skills Roles?

Personalize employee development plans

“Infosec Skills Roles are backed by industry research and the needs of real Infosec clients to provide you with role-guided training recommendations for each team member — from beginner to advanced practitioners.”

– Andee Harston, Cybersecurity Curriculum Director at Infosec

Upskill & cross-train talent

“I love how quickly I was able to find the training I need to reach my career goals as a junior software developer. As the first line of defense against bad actors, I’m learning the skills I need to create secure products thanks to Infosec Skills Roles.”

– Edohan, Junior Software Developer

Boost engagement & talent retention

“We are finding that retention rates are going up in our cybersecurity roles because people feel like they’re being listened to. They’re provided opportunities that they may not have had before.”

– James Beamon, Dean of the CyberEDGE Academy at Leidos


Cybersecurity talent development playbook

Unlock 12 pre-built training plans to help identify, upskill and retain cybersecurity talent


Which Infosec Skills Role are you?

Answer six easy questions and we’ll tell you — then share your results with the #MyCyberRole for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!