Infosec Skills Development Awards

The Infosec alumni community is home to 1,000s of high-achieving cybersecurity practitioners and leaders across the globe. Formerly known as the Infosec Hall of Fame, we’ve reimagined and revamped — introducing the Infosec Skills Development Award! This award recognizes both teams and individuals who go above and beyond in personal development and cybersecurity education. Nominations are reviewed by the Infosec awards committee and selected based on applicants’ professional successes and overall industry contributions. 


Meet our 2022 Infosec Skills Development Award Winners

Applications are now closed.

The Development Award recognizes organizations and individuals who embody the mindset of continuous skill development. Development Award winners excel at upskilling internal technical teams or setting a high standard within those teams for ongoing professional development. The recipients believe knowledge is power and are champions of advocating for or participating in training for continuing education. Does this sound like you or your organization? We’d love to hear from you.