Gamify your cybersecurity training. Secure your organization.

Gamification isn’t the future of training anymore — it’s here. At Infosec, we leverage the adult learning principles built into gamified training and put it in your hands. Are you ready to play?

Gamified security training

Gamification takes the experiences and rewards that make games fun and engaging and applies them to everyday situations and scenarios to educate or motivate behaviors.

When applied to security awareness and skill training, gamified education is proven to increase learner engagement, boost lesson retention and reinforce secure behaviors — behaviors you need your employees to adopt to keep your organization secure.

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The basics of gamification

What is gamification, does it really work and can you gamify security awareness and cybersecurity training? We broke down the basics of gamification and what it means for your organization’s cybersecurity strategy.

Gamification: Making cybersecurity training fun

Jessica Gulick of Katczy joined the Cyber Work Podcast to discuss gamification design, selling gamified education to leadership and some amazing examples cybersecurity gamification.

Security awareness. Gamified.

Gamification takes passive security awareness and training and makes it experiential. This means your employees learn by doing and have fun every step of the way.

We partnered with the team behind the Choose Your Own Adventure® brand to build a gamified security awareness experience that puts your employees in control. Learners face security scenarios and make decisions in a safe and fun environment that shape their training experience and prepare them for real threats.