Fundamentals Of Information Security Boot Camp

Infosec’s Fundamentals of Information Security Boot Camp provides a comprehensive introductory approach to Information Security concepts and fundamentals. This is a course aimed at beginner level IT staff or non-IT staff interested in learning the basics of Information Security.

Course Overview

InfoSec Institute is committed to giving students the best introduction to security and its concepts by proudly offering our Fundamentals of Information Security, a 5-day course, covering many critical issues and practices of Information Security. This course is designed for students who have no prior knowledge of security and limited knowledge of technology. Our total commitment to security training is evidenced by the highest-quality teaching and guidance available, delivered to the student in an intensive Boot Camp setting. InfoSec Institute’s expert Instructors prepare class attendees for real world security challenges by offering critical knowledge with network, web and email security. Students learn about security protocols across the desktop, the network and even mobile devices! Exiting this Boot Camp, they will very effectively communicate with other security professionals regarding topics like password encryption, TCP/IP, phishing, malware, DNS, and best practices against security breaches.

Award-Winning Training

Benefits & Goals

Our five-day intense Fundamentals of Information Security Boot Camp provides a comprehensive introduction to Information Security. This will provide real-world security skills.

InfoSec Institute’s Fundamentals of Information Security Boot Camp offers you the following benefits:

  • Five (5) days of InfoSec Institute training with a real security expert, bringing field experience and insight
  • Improvement in IT knowledge and skills required to execute and establish secure IT methods
  • Communicate effectively with team members regarding information security topics, concepts and terms
  • A comprehensive approach to physical security issues across multiple devices, and how they support cyber security
  • In-depth understanding of social engineering as a common attack methodology
  • Discuss Phishing email campaigns, their goals, and how to identify malicious email messages
  • Configure passwords that are more secure, while still being easy to remember
  • Grasp network infrastructure concepts and gain the knowledge of computer networking basics
  • Understanding of common technical networking acronyms: TCP/IP, DNS, UDP, MAC, SSL/TLS, etc.
  • Learn basic cryptography principles, processes, procedures, and applications
  • Discuss practices for business continuity, incident response, and sensitive data handling
  • Personal, one-on-one mentoring by course instructor

Why Choose InfoSec Institute?

InfoSec Institute is the #1 accelerated IT training school in the world for good reason – our Expert Instructors are industry-recognized leaders, authors, and experts in their fields. We have mastered the accelerated method of training and certification and take pride in offering you the same quality training and certification programs that more than 50,000 satisfied clients have raved about. InfoSec Institute’s experienced Instructors possess strong consulting, implementation and training expertise. Our security professionals come from diverse roles including positions in consulting, product development, project management, information security and information technology. Our training team has supported public and private corporations, technology vendors, telecommunications companies and professional services organizations around the world.

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