Ethical Hacking Boot Camp – CEH v10 Training in Miami, Florida

Our IT Security courses are the foundation of InfoSec Institute. It's where we got our start, our name, and our reputation. If you sign up for any of our Information Security Courses, you can trust that you are getting the most up-to-date information, complete hands-on labs, industry-leading instructors, and the certification preparation you'll need.

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    These people from Florida loved our courses

    I felt as though I was watching a performance by a concert pianist...totally impressive.

    Dale E. Johnson Pikes Peak Workforce Center

    Ethical Hacking Boot Camp - CEH v10 Training
    I have attended 4 other workshops like this but InfoSec's is by far the best one, and I already have recommended them to my colleagues and other IT professionals. I believe that a student's learning experience is reflective of the teacher's aptitude and knowledge on the subject and the skill to covey the information. Great instructor, great class.
    The labwork prepared me well for the exam. I also now have a good direction where to direct my energies to continue to develop my skills in this area. Your instructors are clearly industry leaders for good reason. Another home run for InfoSec! Thanks!

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