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IT and Security Training for Organizations

Discover your weak points and provide professional training and simulations that work.

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Our Enterprise Customers Include

Our enterprise products & services

We’ve designed a great pricing scheme for you (our enterprise customers) that ensure you get maximum return on your training budget. By committing to a set purchase over the next 12-18 months grants you access to major bulk savings.

  • A security platform designed to increase organization security intelligence and prevent security breaches through your human firewall. Combine phishing simulations with interactive security awareness on a platform that provides insight into each employee’s security knowledge.

  • The PhishSim phishing simulator designed to change behavior to protect against phishing attacks. The intelligent phishing tool delivers training to the user’s most in need.

  • Highly interactive hands-on security awareness training. AwareEd has a large library of modules, custom branding, comprehensive reporting, and much more.

  • IT & Security Training

    Boot camp and Live Online IT Training designed for large groups and enterprises. We can bring out training to you through on-site training, or your employees can attend any of our public courses listed on our public schedule. Our enterprise partners benefit from priority booking and large discounts.

  • Onsite Training

    On-site training eliminates the travel expenses for employees.

    We can procure facilities and deliver training anywhere in the world.

  • Voucher Program

    Priority registration for frequently sold-out public enrollment courses

    Massive discounts, typically between 30%-60% off public courses

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or call us on (866)-471-0059

How does on-site training work?

  • Our team comes to you

    Our team comes to you

    Save time by hosting the training for your employers in your own available training spaces. We can also hold training off-site in a nearby location.

  • Our Equipment or Yours

    Our Equipment or Yours

    We provide as much or as little of the support and training equipment as you need.

  • Customizable Courses

    Customizable Courses

    On-site training allows our instructors to dive deeper into subjects specific to your organization. This insures that our courses are tailored to your needs.

  • Additional Support

    Additional Support

    Local and remote support options are available at every step of the training engagement to ensure seamless delivery and effective knowledge transfer.

Don't have the facilities? We are able to procure facilities and deliver training anywhere in the world.
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