Uncertain Times — Infosec's here to help. Learn about our COVID-19 Response Package.

Uncertain times — how can we help?

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting impacts to communities in every corner of the globe are changing how many of us do business. Our thoughts are with those who are impacted. We want to assure our community that the instructors and staff at Infosec remain dedicated to you and your organization’s success.

Stay home, stay safe

Infosec’s education platforms were built from the start to be flexible and offer uninterrupted service. For more than 5 years, Infosec courses have been online — helping remote students and employees meet their career goals and stay safe wherever they are. 

In times of uncertainty like now, you can trust the team at Infosec remains relentlessly focused on your success. Here are three ways we’re supporting our community as we weather these unprecedented times together.

Immerse yourself in a live online boot camp from the safety of your home

To help students in this stressful time, Infosec is opening our Exam Pass Guarantee to all students (and waiving normal requirements). After your online boot camp, you’ll also get 90-days access to Infosec Skills so you can continue to learn and build your skills. Plus, save up to $1,000 on your training.

Keep employees secure at home with free remote working awareness training

Reinforce good cybersecurity habits as employees transition to remote workstations. Use our free remote working training module, infographics and email template to keep your employees and organization secure.

Boost your career prospects with an Infosec Cares scholarship

Designed to provide the training and certification you need to qualify you for an entry-level cybersecurity position, the Infosec Cares scholarship can help make a whole new you.

Questions about how we’re maintaining uninterrupted service to our clients?