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SCADA Security Training Boot Camp

Learn the best practices for securing SCADA networks and systems. This boot camp teaches you how to defend against both internal and external attackers to provide holistic security for critical industrial automation systems.

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What you'll learn

Training overview

From the power grid to water treatment facilities, SCADA controls our nation’s mission-critical infrastructure. Infosec’s ICS/SCADA Boot Camp builds your homeland security skills by teaching you how to assess and secure SCADA systems — and you’ll gain hands-on experience on the latest threats via our SCADA Cyber Range.

You’ll learn everything from field-based attacks to automated vulnerability assessments for SCADA networks. The boot camp also prepares you to pass the CSSA certification exam and become a Certified SCADA Security Architect.

Before your boot camp


  • Understanding of computer hardware and operating systems
  • Basic knowledge of SCADA systems


Training schedule

  • SCADA/ICS Overview
      • Introduction to CSSA
      • Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
      • Types of ICS
      • ICS components
      • BPCS & SIS
      • Control system strengths and weaknesses
      • ICS PCN & protocols
      • PCN evolution
      • And more!
  • SCADA security governance
      • Threat to SCADA
      • SCADA attacks and threats case studies
      • Lab: Attacking the infrastructure
      • SCADA security challenge
      • Security frameworks, strategy, policies
      • Standards, procedures and guidelines
      • SCADA security standards bodies (NIST / ISA / CFATS / NERC CIP)
      • Risk management process
      • Lab: “Theoretical” assessment with CSET
      • SCADA security assessment methodology
      • NESCOR guide to vulnerability assessment
  • Pentesting SCADA systems
      • Security assessment strategy
      • Pentesting steps
      • Safety and security considerations
      • Information gathering
      • Architecture analysis
      • Host, application and platform fingerprinting
      • DNS and SNMP recon
      • Lab: SNMP recon
      • Host and port scanning
      • Security considerations
      • Scanning tools and techniques
      • Lab: Scanning ICS/SCADA networks
      • Network communications capture and analysis
      • RF signal capture
  • Pentesting SCADA systems continued
      • Sniffing network traffic
      • Device functionality analysis
      • Lab: Datasheet analysis
      • Vulnerability identification
      • Common SCADA vulnerabilities
      • Finding vulnerabilities
      • Physical access
      • Vulnerability scanning
      • Server OS testing
      • Patch levels
      • Default and insecure configurations
      • Authentication and remote access
      • Firmware analysis
      • Attacking ICS
      • Attacking standard services (HTTP, FTP)
      • Attacking server OS
      • Lab: Exploiting OS-level vulnerabilities (Shellshock exploit)
      • Attacking ISC Protocols
      • Lab: Capturing and manipulating protocol data
      • Attacking wireless communications
      • Lab: Recovering ZigBee network keys
      • Lab: WEP/WPA2 password cracking
  • SCADA security controls
      • Categorization of system controls
      • Physical security & safety
      • Identification, Authentication & Authorization (IA&A)
      • IA&A and access control
      • Remote access security
      • Encryption
      • Logical security
      • Lab: Firewall rule design
      • Monitoring, detection and protection
      • And more!

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