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Red Team Operations Training Boot Camp

Do good by being bad in this exclusive Red Team Operations training designed to teach you to think like a cybercriminal, help you better defend your organization, and prepare you for the Certified Red Team Operations Professional exam.

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What you'll learn

Training overview

“Know your enemy, and know yourself.” Sun Tzu’s most famous advice from The Art of War still applies in the 21st century, and on the digital battlefield, knowing your enemy is more important than ever. So put on your black hat and get ready for Infosec’s groundbreaking Red Team Operations Boot Camp!

In our exclusive Red Team Operations Boot Camp, you’ll learn to defend against hacking and fraud attacks on your organization — from network vulnerabilities to social-engineering tactics. And you’ll learn from the attacking side! Our experienced instructors will lead you through the basics of multiple cybercrime assaults and show you how you can use these techniques to improve security at your own organization.


Training schedule

  • Day 1
    • Introduction to red team operations

      • Course introduction
      • Types of security assessments
      • What is red teaming?
      • Role of red team in organizational security programs
      • Red team vs. blue team
      • Red team assessment phases
      • Red teaming methodology
      • Planning red team operations

      Red team assessment phases: setting objectives

      • Defining assessment methodology and objectives
      • Identifying points of contact
      • Analyzing initial information
      • Gathering team and equipment
  • Day 2
    • Red team assessment phases: reconnaissance

      • Passive intelligence gathering and OSINT
      • Physical recon
      • Getting started with social engineering
      • Social engineering tactics
      • Pretexting
      • Phishing, vishing, smishing
      • Physical and digital surveillance
      • Wireless recon
      • DNS and SNMP recon
      • Identifying possible attack vectors

      Red team assessment phases: target identification

      • Identifying physical controls and vulnerabilities
      • Passive network discovery and scanning
      • TCP scanning
      • Scanning through firewalls
      • Stealthy scanning techniques
      • Idle scanning
      • Avoiding IDS/IPS detection
      • Proper identification of services
      • Vulnerability identification
      • Types of network and application vulnerabilities
  • Day 3
    • Red team assessment phases: gaining access

      • Covert and overt entry
      • Evading surveillance and physical IDS
      • Lock picking
      • RFID cloning
      • Using social engineering to gain entry
      • Vulnerability mapping
      • Types of exploits
      • Client-side exploits
      • Password attacks
      • Exploiting flaws in encryption
      • Attacking web application
      • Wireless hacking

      Red team assessment phases: establishing foothold and maintaining presence

      • Avoiding anti-virus detection
      • Use of Trojans
      • Hardware and software keyloggers
      • Installing rogue access points and network TAPs
      • Port redirection and other anti-firewall techniques
      • IDS operations and avoidance
      • Internal recon and pivoting
      • Encrypting your communications
      • Protocol abuse for covert communications
      • Creating custom encryption tunneling application
  • Day 4
    • Red team assessment phases: completing objectives

      • Identifying and extracting target data
      • SQL data extraction
      • Sniffing network traffic
      • Exploiting targets of opportunity
      • Anti-forensics
      • Log modification/deletion
      • Rootkits
      • Communication and evidence management

      Red team assessment phases: reporting

      • Report structure and content
      • Reporting for compliance
      • Providing recommendations
      • Presenting your findings
  • Day 5
    • Additional red team operations resources

      • Red team operations best practices
      • Commercial and open-source tools
      • The future of red team operations

      CRTOP exam

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