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PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Training Boot Camp

Infosec’s Project Management Professional (PMP) Boot Camp provides a quick and convenient approach to PMP certification. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to pass the PMP exam and the project management education hours required for certification all in one boot camp.

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Everything you need to earn your PMP

  • 90-day extended access to Boot Camp components, including class recordings
  • 12-Month subscription to the ISACA Official Question, Answer & Explanation (QAE) database
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Exam Pass Guarantee
  • Exam voucher
  • Free 90-day Infosec Skills subscription (access to 1,400+ additional courses and labs)
  • Immediate access to in-depth PMP pre-study course, which meets the 35 hours required to apply for your PMP exam
  • Knowledge Transfer Guarantee
  • Pre-study learning path
  • Unlimited practice exam attempts

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What you'll learn

Training overview

The primary goal of this boot camp is to get you certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP). You’ll learn the critical project management concepts, principles and techniques needed to pass the PMP exam on your first attempt.

The Infosec PMP Boot Camp is the only program on the market that allows you to take the exam on the fifth day of your training. In addition to targeted exam prep with an expert instructor, you’ll receive 35 hours of PMP pre-study materials before your boot camp begins. This pre-study course gives you the project management education hours you need to take the exam immediately after your boot camp while the knowledge is fresh — greatly increasing your chance of passing the exam on your first attempt.

Before your boot camp


This boot camp is intended for professionals that are preparing to take the PMP exam:

  • Applicants must have 35 hours of specific project management education (included with this boot camp)
  • With a Bachelor’s Degree (or the global equivalent), applicants must have three years’ professional project management experience, during which 4,500 hours are spent leading and directing project tasks, up to eight years from the time of application
  • Without a Bachelor’s Degree (or the global equivalent), applicants must have five years’ professional project management experience, during which at least 7,500 hours are spent leading and directing project tasks, up to eight years from the time of application


Training schedule

  • Day 1
      • Introduction
      • What is project management?
        • Project management (chapter 1)
        • Project management (chapter 2)
        • The role of the PM (chapter 3)
      • Initiating
        • Develop project charter
        • Identify stakeholders
      • Planning I
        • Develop project management plan
        • Plan scope management
        • Collect requirements
        • Define scope
        • Create WBS
  • Day 2
      • Planning II
        • Plan schedule management
        • Define activities
        • Sequence activities
        • Estimate activity durations
        • Develop schedule
      • Planning III
        • Plan cost management
        • Estimate costs
        • Determine budget
        • Plan quality management
        • Plan resource management
        • Plan communications management
        • Plan stakeholder engagement
  • Day 3
      • Planning IV
        • Plan risk management
        • Identify risks
        • Perform qualitative risk analysis
        • Perform quantitative risk analysis
        • Plan risk responses
        • Plan procurement management
      • Executing I
        • Direct and manage project work
        • Manage project knowledge
        • Manage quality
        • Acquire resources
        • Develop team
        • Manage team
      • Executing II
        • Manage communications
        • Implement risk responses
        • Conduct procurements
        • Manage stakeholder engagement
  • Day 4
      • Monitoring/controlling I
        • Monitor and control project work
        • Perform integrated change control
        • Validate scope
        • Control scope
        • Control schedule
        • Control costs
      • Monitoring/controlling II
        • Control quality
        • Control resources
        • Monitor communications
        • Monitor risks
        • Control procurements
        • Monitor stakeholder engagement
      • Close project or phase
      • Ethics — professional and social responsibility
      • Preparing for the exam

Meets 8570.1 requirements

Attention DoD Information Assurance workers! This boot camp helps meet U.S. Department of Defense Directive 8570.1 requirements for department employees or contractors engaged in work related to information security.

Guaranteed results

Our boot camp guarantees

Exam Pass Guarantee

If you don’t pass your exam on the first attempt, get a second attempt for free. Includes the ability to re-sit the course for free for up to one year (does not apply to CMMC-AB boot camps).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your training at the end of the first day, you may withdraw and enroll in a different online or in-person course.

Knowledge Transfer Guarantee

If an employee leaves within three months of obtaining certification, Infosec will train a different employee at the same organization tuition-free for up to one year.

Unlock team training discounts

If you’re like many of our clients, employee certification is more than a goal — it’s a business requirement. Connect with our team to learn more about our training discounts.


Frequently asked questions

  • Why is getting certified an important part of a career as a project manager?
    • Project managers seek certifications like the PMP not only to prove their expertise in a competitive industry, but also to broaden their professional horizons — gaining access to virtually any industry they want to explore, worldwide. Certification proves to employers that you have the credentials to plan, manage and maintain projects of any size.

  • What does this PMP training course provide that other offerings do not?
    • Infosec’s PMP training boot camp is structured as a rigorous five days of zero-distraction training — and it is the only course on the market that affords students the opportunity to sit their PMP exam on the fifth day of class. Studies show that adults forget about 50% of what they’ve learned in a class within two weeks of it ending. Since other PMP courses have an average wait time of 2-4 weeks before you can sit the exam, our training boot camp offers the best chance you’ll have at retaining PMP material. We also offer live online students an Exam Pass Guarantee so that you can focus on the learning process with zero exam stress!

  • What are the pre-requirements for the PMP?
    • Candidates must have 35 hours of specific project management education (which our program covers!). Without a Bachelor’s degree, candidates must have at least five years of professional project management experience, with at least 7,500 hours spent leading and directing project tasks. With a Bachelor’s degree, candidates must have at least three years of professional project management experience, with at least 4,500 hours spent leading and directing project tasks. With or without a Bachelor’s, the prerequisites must be met within eight years from the time of application.

  • What qualifies as project management experience?
    • Project management experience must be gained across all five process groups as defined by the PMP Handbook. Click here to view the handbook’s breakdown of PMP Eligibility Requirements.

  • How does the PMP examination process work?
    • The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within four hours. There is no fixed score to pass the PMP exam, as this depends on the difficulty level of the questions assigned. For example, an exam with less difficult questions might have a higher passing score, while an exam with harder questions might have a significantly lower passing score. You will need to pass each section of the exam in order to progress.

  • What material is covered on the PMP exam?
    • The five domains of questions that the PMP focuses on are as follows: Initiating (13%), Planning (24%), Executing (31%), Monitoring and Controlling (25%), and Closing (7%). PMI has released an Exam Content Guide with detailed information about each domain, which you can access by clicking here.

  • How is the PMP certification different from other comparable certifications?
    • Another certification comparable to the PMP is the CAPM, which is also offered by PMI. The main difference between these certifications is their focus. While the PMP is a more involved, upper-level certification, the CAPM is geared towards entry-level professionals.

  • How long is the PMP certification valid after you pass the test? What are the renewal requirements?
    • The PMP certification lasts for a cycle of three years, throughout which holders must earn 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) in order to renew the cycle when it ends.

  • Is a PMP exam voucher included with the purchase of this course?
    • Yes! Purchase of this course does include a voucher, as well as an Exam Pass Guarantee for live online boot camp students.

  • What are some tips for preparing for the PMP?
    • Enrolling in a training course, like Infosec’s boot camp, is a great way to prepare yourself for the PMP exam. Our students have a pass rate of 93% — the highest in the industry! Other resources you can access are PMI’s PMP Handbook, and their PMP Exam Content Outline. For more great tips, click here.

  • What's the job outlook for PMP certified professionals?
    • The market has a high demand for certified individuals, and earning the PMP certification opens up a world of industries for employment. Some of these industries that commonly require project managers include: construction, business, real estate, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, information technology (IT), and so many others.

  • What is the average salary for PMPs?
    • According to a survey that polled over 30,000 project managers across 29 countries, the median salary for project management practitioners was $92,000. Click here for more detailed salary data.

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