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NIST Cybersecurity Framework Training Boot Camp

Transform your career in 3 days

Kick-start your cybersecurity career with our NIST cybersecurity training. In just three days, you learn how to employ the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to better manage and reduce your organization’s cybersecurity risk. After our NIST Framework Training Boot Camp, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle cybersecurity issues and become an invaluable team member to almost any organization.

Course essentials

Boot camp at a glance

  • Method

    Live online, in-person or team onsite

  • Duration

    3 days

  • Experience

    0-1 years

  • Average salary


What you'll learn

Training overview

Enroll in our immersive NIST Cybersecurity Framework Training Boot Camp and unlock the potential to excel in managing cybersecurity risks within your organization. This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply the NIST Cybersecurity Framework effectively. Here’s what you can expect to gain from this boot camp:

  • Framework core: Delve into the foundational components of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Gain a deep understanding of its principles, key concepts and how to integrate them into your organization’s cybersecurity practices.
  • Framework implementation tiers: Learn about the different implementation tiers defined by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Explore the characteristics and considerations associated with each tier, and discover how to align your organization’s cybersecurity posture accordingly.
  • Framework profiles: Understand how to develop and customize framework profiles that align with your organization’s specific needs and objectives. Learn how to create profiles that address your unique risks, priorities and resources.
  • Risk frameworks: Dive into risk frameworks and their significance in managing cybersecurity risks. Explore legal and governmental guidelines, legislative and regulatory aspects and understand how risk frameworks form the foundation for effective risk management practices.
  • CSF components and processes: Gain insights into the components and processes of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Explore topics such as risk assessment, risk response, risk reporting and information technology security management. Develop a comprehensive understanding of how these components work together to enhance cybersecurity practices.

By completing our NIST Cybersecurity Framework Training Boot Camp, you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to implement and manage the framework effectively. Prepare yourself to navigate the cybersecurity landscape with confidence and be an adept team member in your organization’s risk management and cybersecurity efforts.

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What's included

Everything you need to know

  • 90-day extended access to Boot Camp components, including class recordings
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free 90-day Infosec Skills subscription (access to 1,400+ additional courses and labs)
  • Knowledge Transfer Guarantee
  • Pre-study learning path

Before your boot camp


There are no prerequisites for our NIST Cybersecurity Framework Training Boot Camp. However, it would be beneficial for you to understand and have a working knowledge of some of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework basics.


Training schedule

Day 1
Morning session

Risk frameworks

  • Course introduction
  • Legal/governmental guidelines
Afternoon session

Risk frameworks continued

  • Legislative
Evening session

Risk frameworks continued

  • Regulatory

Schedule may vary from class to class

Day 2
Morning session

CSF Components and Processes

  • NIST frameworks
    • RMF
    • CSF
  • CSF components
    • Profile
      • Current profile
      • Target profile
Afternoon session

CSF Components and Processes continued

  • Core
    • Functions
    • Categories
    • Subcategories
    • Informative references
Evening session

CSF Components and Processes continued

  • Implementation tiers
    • Tier 1: Partial
    • Tier 2: Risk informed
    • Tier 3: Repeatable
    • Tier 4: Adaptive
  • CSF processes (5 steps)
    • Identify

Schedule may vary from class to class

Day 3
Morning session

CSF Processes and Implementation

  • SF processes continued
    • Protect
    • Defend
    • Respond
    • Recover
Afternoon session

CSF Processes and Implementation continued

  • 7-step approach to establishing or improving a cybersecurity program
    • Step 1: Prioritize and scope
    • Step 2: Orient
    • Step 3: Create a current profile
    • Step 4: Conduct a risk assessment
    • Step 5: Create a target profile
    • Step 6: Determine, analyze and prioritize gaps
    • Step 7: Implement action plan
Evening session

CSF Processes and Implementation continued

  • Links from CSF to security controls, COBIT 5 and ISO 27001

Schedule may vary from class to class

Guaranteed results

Our boot camp guarantees

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your training at the end of the first day, you may withdraw and enroll in a different online or in-person course.

Knowledge Transfer Guarantee

Knowledge Transfer Guarantee

If an employee leaves within three months of obtaining certification, Infosec will train a different employee at the same organization tuition-free for up to one year.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the NIST framework?

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is a comprehensive set of guidelines and best practices for managing and reducing cybersecurity risks. It is a voluntary framework that provides businesses of all sizes with best practices to understand their potential risk — and guidelines on how to reduce or manage those risks.

Some of the key aspects of the NIST framework include:

Does NIST provide a NIST CSF certification?

No, NIST does not provide certifications related to its Cybersecurity Framework, and it has no plans to do so. As the name suggests, it is simply a framework for public and private sector organizations to use and build upon. This boot camp helps you understand how the framework works and implement the framework within your organization.

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The course was extremely helpful and provided exactly what we needed to know in order to successfully navigate the exam. Without this, I am not confident I would have passed.

Robert Caldwell, Salient Federal Solutions


The instructor was able to take material that prior to the class had made no sense, and explained it in real world scenarios that were able to be understood.

Erik Heiss, United States Air Force


Very impressed with Infosec. My instructor did a great job delivering the information strategically and in a way for all to understand. I would definitely take another class/certification prep course.

Sylvia Swinson, Texeltek

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