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Cyber Threat Hunting Training Boot Camp

Learn how to find, assess and remove threats from your organization in our Cyber Threat Hunting Boot Camp designed to prepare you for the Certified Cyber Threat Hunting Professional exam.

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What you'll learn

Training overview

The Internet is the new digital frontier, and like any frontier, it has a hundred things waiting to attack you. But sitting quietly and waiting to be jumped isn’t the style of a real professional. Sharpen your skills and learn to hunt the threat on its own turf with Infosec’s Cyber Threat Hunting Boot Camp.

This immersive three-day course will teach you about the latest tactics and tools used in the fight against hackers and cyber-attackers. Taught by industry professionals who have served as penetration testers, incident responders and computer forensic investigators, the Cyber Threat Hunting Boot Camp covers security analysis, establishing a secure threat-hunting setup, successful hunt patterns and liaising with security operations center personnel to cover all angles of attack while the threat is ongoing.

Before your boot camp


  • Understanding of fundamental information security concepts
  • Working knowledge of networking devices and protocols
  • Exposure to pentesting and network monitoring tools and methodologies
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and Windows command line


Training schedule

Day 1

Introduction to cyber threat hunting

  • What is threat hunting?
  • Assumption of breach
  • The concept of active defense
  • Role of threat hunting in organizational security program
  • Threat hunting benefits

Threat hunting process

  • Preparing for the hunt: the hunter, the data, the tools
  • Creating a context-based hypothesis
  • Starting the hunt (confirming the hypothesis)
  • Responding to the attack
  • Lessons learned

Threat hunting methodologies

  • The Crown Jewel Analysis (CJA)
  • Cyber threat patterns and signatures
  • Utilizing threat intelligence
  • Threat hunting hypotheses: intelligence-driven, awareness-driven, analytics-driven
Day 2
  • Threat hunting techniques
  • Preparing for the hunt
  • The hunt is on
  • Hunting for network-based threats
  • Hunting for host-based threats
Day 3

Utilizing system and security event data

  • Event logs and IDs
  • Logging on Windows and Linux
  • SIEM
  • Using event data during hunts

Advanced threat hunting concepts

  • OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop
  • Going beyond IOCs: hunting for advanced threats
  • Chokepoint monitoring
  • Deceptive technologies
  • Developing an effective threat-hunting program
  • Building customized threat-hunting tools
  • Threat hunting best practices and resources

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