Infosec content roadmap

We hope our roadmap provides valuable insight into Infosec’s content strategy. It’s important to note the development and release timelines shared here are subject to change. We encourage you to review and discuss this roadmap with your Infosec account representative or client success manager. Our team is here to answer your questions and, of course, help you submit additional requests for content development consideration.


40 new learning paths

Skill- and certification-based learning paths planned for the first half of 2020 include machine learning for red team hackers, blockchain security, Windows registry forensics, offensive bash scripting, threat modeling and many more

8 new cyber ranges

Cyber ranges planned for the first half of 2020 include network traffic analysis, Python code security, C++ code security, computer forensics and more

Collaborative cyber ranges

Allow learners to invite friends to help solve challenges and build skills together

Multi-host lab environments

More options to create hands-on training using real-world scenarios

Custom cyber range learning paths

Provides team administrators the ability to create unique, hands-on learning environments aligning with their team’s learning objectives


Test you knowledge and reinforce key concepts as you progress through a learning path


Updated boot camps

Updates for several Infosec Flex boot camps including new material to reflect upcoming changes to the CySA+ exam


Need to Know Season 2

Our most popular animated series is back with new episodes premiering Q2

New PCI DSS series

Focuses on Payment Card Industry standards for incident management, protecting cardholder data. physical security and more

New training modules

Dozens of new security awareness and training videos including IoT security, new phishing attack vectors, privacy by design and more

More translations

With 34 languages currently supported, we continue to localize training modules to meet the needs of a global workforce