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    This module will review and reinforce critical lessons from your Infosec IQ awareness training to increase team retention of core program content.


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      Welcome to the Security Awareness program conclusion.Thank you for taking the time to learn about common cybersecurity threats and effective defenses you can use to keep you, your family, coworkers, and employer safe.

      As you have seen, the threat of cyberattack is quite real. Security experts are well aware of the threats hackers pose, and they spend much of their time securing computers and networks against those attacks.

      In part, that is why hackers see busy employees like you as a target that they can attack successfully. They use the methods described throughout the training to trick you into using your access to get around all the other protections your security team has set up.

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      Over the course of the Security Awareness training program, you have learned the importance of setting strong passwords and protecting them using safe storage techniques. You’ve also learned the dangers of malware and phishing, techniques that hackers use to infect your devices and steal your information.

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      Remember, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

      To keep you, your family, and your employers safe it is absolutely crucial that you apply what you have learned about security awareness to your daily life.

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