Project Manager

The role of Project Manager in any industry is responsible for coordinating, implementing, and completing new projects for a company.

Project Manager Overview

The role of Project Manager in any industry is responsible for coordinating, implementing, and completing new projects for a company. This is done through analyzing the project and the resources available, and then maximizing the use of those resources to complete the project in the most efficient way. This must always be done in a way that consistent with the company’s strategy, commitments, and goals. The Project Manager must also effectively communicate the allocation of resources and status of their projects to all stakeholders, both internal and external to the project, and then assess and evaluate the results of the project after its completion.

Job Duties List
The Project Manager’s list of duties includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Planning and implementing new projects.
  • Defining the scope, goals, and deliverables of the project.
  • Developing the project plan.
  • Coordinating and assembling staff for the project.
  • Managing resource allocation and budget for the project.
  • Planning and scheduling timelines for the project.
  • Tracking and reporting on project deliverables.
  • Assuring the quality of all project deliverables.
  • Providing direction and support to project staff.
  • Monitoring project progress and reporting to all stakeholders.
  • Creating and presenting reports on the project for all stakeholders.
  • Assessing and evaluating project results after completion.

How to become a(n) Project Manager

Project Managers are one of the fastest growing careers in the tech industry and Infosec is proud to offer a variety of training courses to help students get their foot in the door. Our Project Management Professional (PMP) boot-camp course provides everything you need to take your Project Management career to the next level!

Common Courses for Project Manager

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CompTIA CASP+ Training Boot Camp

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Career Outlook

The outlook for the field of Project Management is extremely bright, especially in the IT and biotech fields. Because Project Manager positions are so tightly bound with new products, projects, and growth, when the economy is up, so is the demand for PMs. When the economy is down, there is still usually growth and opportunities to be found in hot markets and industries, or in projects to restructure or increase efficiency within slower markets. This adaptability means that it is rare for opportunities in Project Management to dry up completely. For this reason, outlook in this field is ranked A.

Outlook GradeB+