Business Analyst

The main goal of the Business Analyst is to ensure that business operations run as efficiently as possible.

Business Analyst Overview

The main aspect of the Business Analyst position is to ensure that business operations run as efficiently as possible. This position is tied to the technical end of business operations. The Business Analyst must take in to account the goals and requirements of a business along with the existing process and evaluate if changes are needed. The Business Analyst creates and evaluates workflows, determine if various applications are meeting standards, and develop new strategies. A Business Analyst should also be able to communicate with people in and outside of the company in preparing reports. In addition they will be an intermediary link between clients and development teams. As such the Business Analyst must evaluate and prioritize all incoming requests.

Job Duties

There are several duties that should be required of a Business Analyst. They must understand all existing processes within a company and document any workflows. They must also be aware of any software requirements needed to make sure processes are carried out with optimal efficiency. They must create and analyze reports and requests geared toward improving company business. A Business Analyst will act as a point of contact between clients, company executives, and support teams. The Business Analyst must also implement and evaluate any technical requirements and determine if changes are needed. They are also involved directly in project management including assigning duties, managing resources, and enforcing deadlines.

How to become a(n) Business Analyst

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Common Courses for Business Analyst

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Career Outlook

This is one job with a fairly bright outlook. Many estimate that the number of positions will continue to grow over the next decade. The reason for this is the emphasis of technology in business operations. As new technology is available it will be the responsibility of Business Analysts to make sure the company stays current. This job has seen better growth than many other positions and that is a trend that should continue in the future.

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Salary Projections

The median salary for a Business Analyst is around $82,000. That is lower than the 2016 median by about $4,000. This number takes in to account all experience levels and geographic areas. If you have less experience your starting salary likely will fall around $60,000 depending on the area of the country you live. That is in line with the 2016 average. More experienced Business Analysts can start at over $101,000. Business Analysts in the northeast and western parts of the country will earn higher salaries than those in the middle and southern parts of the country.

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