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If your employees aren’t learning from your security training, are you really teaching?

May 3, 2019//By: Tyler Schultz

Delivering the information your employees need to stay cybersecure doesn’t guarantee they will retain the knowledge or adopt good security habits. If your employees aren’t learning, how can you improve your teaching? What can you do to engage employees, inspire them to change their behavior and, ultimately, keep your organization secure?

Scholarship finalist: Neishanyelik Vázquez’s first steps into cybersecurity

April 17, 2019//By: Jeff Peters

Infosec scholarship finalist Neishanyelik Vázquez began her college career studying accounting, but she quickly realized she was pursuing the wrong profession. "I just couldn’t take it,” said Vázquez, a finalist for Infosec’s 2018 Undergraduate Cybersecurity Scholarship. “With accounting, everything was predictable. Nothing would ever change once you learned it."

Why You Should Run Your Security Awareness Program Like a Marketer

April 16, 2019//By: Tyler Schultz

Learn how security professionals can adopt basic marketing principles to transform an otherwise routine and easily dismissed security training program into a campaign that employees actually want to engage with.

Lessons from Masters of Persuasion: Customization is Key

March 6, 2019//By: Megan Sawle

As security awareness practitioners, we need to be better than criminals at influencing our employees’ behavior. Just like digital marketing, customization is key. This means tailoring your training and awareness program by employee role, responsibility and access to boost program effectiveness.

Celebrate Data Privacy Day by Sharing These Free Resources!

January 28, 2019//By: Jeff Peters

Data privacy tends to be viewed through a negative lens — massive data breaches, fines from government watchdogs and stories of lost customers. But when done right, it can become a story of empowering people and organizations to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. We want to keep that positive message going all year long with these free, shareable resources.

Don’t Let Your Crisis Response Create a Crisis

January 15, 2019//By: Jeff McCollum

We’ve all seen the headlines about massive corporate cybersecurity breaches. Smart business leaders understand the terrible damage that can be inflicted on their organization’s brand and reputation by a botched response to a security incident. But if your organization does become a breach victim, you'll need a crisis response plan. Here are a few tried and true tips.

7 Research-Backed Tips to Improve Your Security Awareness Training

December 7, 2018//By: Tyler Schultz

We love talking to clients and security practitioners about what’s working at the ground level of their security awareness programs. However, sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and look at the security awareness space from a research data perspective. We spoke with Michael Osterman from Osterman Research to dig into 7 research-backed tips to improve your security awareness training.

Scholarship Winner: Jion Yi Wants to be a Human Rights Cybersecurity Expert

November 16, 2018//By: Jeff Peters

Jion Yi began her undergraduate education wanting to study international relations and foreign affairs, but in 2016 she decided to break out of her comfort zone and pursue a different interest: programming. It was a difficult transition. In her first computer programming course, she received her lowest grade ever and “felt thoroughly defeated.”

Scholarship Winner: Nicholas Barrett’s Journey From the Military to Cybersecurity

November 15, 2018//By: Jeff Peters

Nicholas Barrett served four years in the U.S. Air Force as a Loadmaster on C-17’s before a medical condition prevented him from performing his flying duties. He left the military in 2014 — an unfortunate turn as he loved his job — and a year later entered the next phase of his career by graduating from the New York State Police Academy.

Scholarship Winner: Chanel Hicks Believes Cybersecurity Needs More Diversity

November 14, 2018//By: Jeff Peters

Chanel Hicks has spent her entire career around information technology, but she only “stumbled” into the cybersecurity side of the business two years ago. One of the first things she noticed was the lack of diversity.