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Top Rated

Infosec IQ

Top Rated

Infosec IQ

EMA Visionary


Top Rated

Infosec Skills & IQ

Top Rated - Security Awareness Training

Infosec IQ

Customers' Choice - Security Awareness Computer-Based Training

Infosec IQ

2022 Executive of the Year

Jack Koziol


Bronze: Road to Cybersecurity (Poster series)


Silver: Choose Your Own Adventure: Security Awareness Games (E-learning)


Silver: Just the Facts (Training film)


Silver: Just the Facts (E-learning)


Gold: Choose Your Own Adventure: Security Awareness Games (Training films)


Web, Audio, Visual Excellence - Judge's Choice for Training Content

Infosec IQ - Choose Your Own Adventure games

American Inhouse Design Awards

Infosec IQ "Need to Know" security awareness video; "Wild Wild Net" video and poster series

Achievement of the Year in Video

Infosec IQ Choose Your Own Adventure Security Awareness Games

Poster Series

Infosec IQ - Outsmart Them All security awareness posters

Educational Videos, Animations & Poster Series

Infosec IQ - Choose Your Own Adventure Games; Need to Know and Just the Facts series; Wild Wild Net teaser

Animation Videos & Poster Series

Infosec IQ - Need to Know video series; Wild Wild Net posters

American Advertising Awards - Bronze

Infosec IQ "Wild Wild Net" security awareness internet commercial

American Advertising Awards - Gold

Infosec IQ "Outsmart Them All" & "Wild Wild Net" security awareness poster campaigns


American Inhouse Design Award

Infosec IQ "Outsmart Them All" security awareness poster series

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Infosec IQ and Infosec Skills

Best IT Security-related Training Program

Infosec Skills

Best Cybersecurity Education Provider & Best Security Education Platform

Infosec Skills

Most Innovative Product - Cybersecurity Training for Infosec Professionals

Infosec Skills

Best Product - Security Awareness Training for Employees

Infosec IQ