Computer Forensics Training Courses in Tallahassee Florida

“You have a real competent teacher: not a teacher but somebody who works with it. The instructor is simply great! He knows the topic and he is a Team Builder, making the atmosphere nice and relaxed. I would rate him 10/10!!!!
Andrea Pazienza
NATO Communications and Information Systems School
We don't have any Tallahassee dates on our current schedule, but check out our full course calendar for other FL locations and dates. If you have 10+ students and would prefer an onsite, another option is for us to come to Tallahassee and run the course for your organization.

During InfoSec Institute's Computer Forensics Training course you will:

  • See the dark side of how computer crimes are committed.
  • Learn how to find traces of illegal or illicit activities left on disk with computer forensics tools and manual techniques.
  • Learn how to recover data intentionally hidden or encrypted by perpetrators.

You will also learn how to create an effective computer crime policy, and gain the hands on skills to implement it.

After attending Computer Forensics Training, you will leave with a custom computer forensics toolkit that will enable you to perform a legally admissible forensics investigation and the skills to run the investigation properly.

This hands-on computer forensics training offers practical experience in a wide array of computer forensics situations that are applicable to the real world. Learn everything relating to computer forensics --- from how to establish a proper chain of custody that is admissible in a court of law to recovering files from intentionally damaged media.


Companies in Tallahassee we've worked with:

  • Fl. Dept. of Revenue
  • Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
  • Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
  • Intralucent
  • First American Title
  • Florida Legislature
  • Citizens Property Insurance