Security Awareness Training

Now updated for 2016! The InfoSec Institute’s information security awareness training program brings the Institutes’ 15-year legacy of award-winning cybersecurity education to the workplace.

Our highly interactive program addresses the security and compliance needs of finance, retail, manufacturing, logistics and consulting corporations, US civilian departments and agencies, state and local governments and educational institutions.

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Interactive Videos and Exercises

Our engaging training modules are all composed of short lectures followed by realistic exercises that require learners to get hands-on.

This approach is a proven technique to increase learner retention, completion and interest in the program.

Screenshot from an interactive exercise in “Password Security”

“Essentials” & “Extended” Editions - Customizable Learning Paths

Every module is available in both an Essentials edition lasting between five and ten minutes and an Extended edition lasting between ten and twenty minutes. Multiple modules are initially combined in Essentials and Extended learning paths, but custom learning paths containing any edition of any module can be created for corporate and annual security awarness training.


Easy Enrollment, Delegation, and Reporting

Our intuitive learning management system (LMS) makes it easy to enroll people one-at-a-time or by the hundreds through our web-based interface (with CSV import).  Most enrollment functions can also be delegated to managers.  Extensive reporting is built-in and allows HR, managers and audits to track progress, improvement and compliance.


“…Use of diverse media, mixed duration, interactivity and changing visuals in modules enhances the uptake and retention of new skills.”

Gartner MQ for Security Awareness CBT Vendors - 2014

Core Modules
play_circle_filled Malware
play_circle_filled Phishing
play_circle_filled Password Security
play_circle_filled Safe Browsing
label_outline Working Remotely
play_circle_filled Physical Security
play_circle_filled Removable Media
play_circle_filled Mobile Security
Optional Modules
label_outline PCI-DSS
label_outline FISMA
label_outline Sarbanes-Oxley
label_outline And many more!
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Interactive exercises.

Easy Management

Comprehensive reporting.

Security Awareness FAQ

  • info_outlineQ: How INTERACTIVE are the modules?

    A: Our training exercises simulate real-world conditions, such as phishing emails and pop-up alerts learners can expect to see in their daily work. We try to avoid traditional multiple-choice quizzes in favor of drag-and-drop puzzles, sorting games and other proven techniques to interest and engage people.

  • info_outlineQ: When would I use CUSTOM LEARNING PATHS?

    A: Learning paths are used to provide the right amount of training to specific roles. For example, an executive assistant may need a different level of training than a plant engineer. Learning paths can be used to length or shorten training sessions, provide extra training in certain areas, or omit certain topics. They can be applied to everyone in an organization or to specific groups – the choice is yours!

  • info_outlineQ: How current is the content?

    A: Our original End USer Security Awareness course was originally developed in 2003 and then completely redeveloped in late 2015. You may find our information on current topics and our presentation to be far more up-to-date than programs developed even three years ago. We also provide annual updates to our content, and release several new modules covering new topics every year.

  • info_outlineQ: How will this help my organization comply?

    A: Before any content was developed, course topics and outlines were mapped against leading standards, including PCI DSS, NIST 800-16 and ISO 17799. (Specific mappings to standards can be found at ). We hope our diligence will not only help you comply, but reduce the amount of time it will take you to demonstrate compliance to your regulators, auditors and other interested parties.

  • info_outlineQ: Can I customize the content? Add my own modules?

    A: Of course. In addition to learning paths based on Essential and Extended editions of each module, our LMS allows for extensive customization, including integration with corporate systems and addition of your own modules. Call us!

“…Use of diverse media, mixed duration, interactivity and changing visuals in modules enhances the uptake and retention of new skills.”

Gartner MQ for Security Awareness CBT Vendors - 2014

Increased User Retention

The InfoSec Institute’s IT security awareness training uses a mix of short lectures and real-world exercises that require learners to get hands-on.  We encourage our customers and provide the tools to stagger the roll-out of these modules across their employees throughout the year.  When used together, these scientifically proven approaches allow us to deliver higher levels of learner retention, completion and interest than any other provider of Security Awareness training. 

Decades of scientific research have shown that the most effective techniques to use to increase learner retention are heightened degrees of interactivity and repetition.   Both techniques are used throughout the InfoSec Institute’s Security Awareness (SA) program. 

The InfoSec Institute SA program uses high-quality audiovisual modules that engage users with frequent exercises to deliver interactivity.  The SA program also uses an innovative “learning management system” (LMS) to stagger the delivery of training across a calendar year (or other period) to maximize retention and reinforce important concepts. 


InfoSec Institute has an excellent instructor and this is the best IT security class I have ever taken. His knowledge and method of teaching are unsurpassed.