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Our SCADA security instructors have both SCADA security and IT security expertise - rare combination. Now updated with an in-depth lab on Stuxnet

SCADA Training Course Overview



SCADA, DCS and other process control networks, generically called SCADA, run the nation's mission critical infrastructure, everything from the power grid to water treatment, chemical manufacturing to transportation. These networks are at increasing risk due to the move to standard protocols, the Microsoft OS and interconnection to other networks. Learn the skills required to direct and manage the appropriate cyber security protection for your SCADA system.

Today, IT departments and the classic IT security approach is wreaking havoc with SCADA systems. Too often, IT 'fixes' bring a SCADA system down, but avoiding or ignoring cyber security is not an option. Learn how standard IT security solutions can be used in SCADA systems and where SCADA specific security controls and practices are required. This course will teach you to develop a SCADA cyber security program and work with internal and external IT resources to implement the program.

Our Expert Instructors:
Our SCADA security instructors have both SCADA security and IT security expertise, a rare combination. They have performed assessments, designed security architectures, and written and audited security policies on a wide variety of real world SCADA systems in the oil & gas, electric, water and other industries.



Watch this video demo to see an example of a SCADA
lab you'll be completing in this course

Because of the nature of this security course, you must pass a background check prior to attending. Students that fail, or do not complete the background check approval process, are not allowed to attend. You will be issued a full refund if you fail to complete a background check.

  • Over 90% CSSA Pass Rate
  • Triangle MicroWorks License*
  • On-site exam proctoring
  • 360° pre-study program available
"I was blown away by the instructor's knowledge and expertise. ... Would recommend to anyone"

Connie Brown

United States Air Force

What You'll Learn:

Some of the topics that are covered in the SCADA Security course include:


  • SCADA security policies
  • Firewall architecture, DMZ, and rulebases
  • Secure remote access to a control center
  • SCADA protocol security issues
  • Securing field communications
  • User authentication technologies and integration with SCADA applications
  • Access control principles and implementation
  • Active Directory integration with SCADA applications
  • Detecting cyber attacks on SCADA systems
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Security patch management
  • Anti-virus protection and management
  • Exceptions – what to do when you can’t implement best practice
  • SCADA security standards

What You'll Do (hands-on labs):

Some of the hands on labs included in the comprehensive 5 day training curriculum:

  • Design a SCADA Security Policy
  • Implement access control to field devices with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Intercept and analyze Modbus/TCP network traffic with a sniffer
  • Initiate unauthorized commands to field device
  • Setup and configure a Modbus/TCP firewall
  • Take home a limited use copy of Triangle MicroWorks SCADA simulator for independent study at your home and/or office

Dates & Locations

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  • Daniel Baker

    Western Area Power Administration

    "excellent job of
    preparing me"

    "Course was very beneficial, I learned a lot and had some good refreshers. Instructor provided great coverage of material in needed amount of time and appeared very knowledgeable and patient. The course material did an excellent job of preparing me for this test. The material was accurate for the most part and beneficial. I will be recommending Infosec for more training"

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  • Aaron Bento

    IBM Global Services

    "hands-on experience was invaluable"

    "The class was great! The instructor knew his his information very well. It was nice to have someone who is more than just book knowledge, someone who is just giving you the info for the cert test. His hands on experience in the real world was invaluable, as it gave a touch-stone to how the methods learned in class can be extended."

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  • Virgil Sabas

    SCADA Student

    "not just a powerpoint instructor!"

    "What I really liked about this instructor is he knows and teaches SCADA similar to what we would experience in the real world. It was explained very clearly to all students. He is not a just powerpoint instructor, he is a real world instructor"

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  • Fabio Buhrer

    SCADA Student

    "invaluable to my career"

    "Joel is knowledgeable about scada and its security aspects, and he is prepared to take this training to the next level. Really enjoyed my days of training.

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SCADA Boot Camp Review By Janice Sharkey, Cybersecurity Policy, Plans, and Compliance Analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton
Rating: 5 out of 5.
My instructor shared his in-depth knowledge with the class from a professional standpoint to broaden my depth on IT challenges in a SCADA environment. I think everyone will walk away from this class with a grater understanding of the material, current gaps in policies and procedures, hands-on experience with software tools, and possible techniques to share with industry and government on how to protect critical infrastructure.

Certifications & Compliance

IACRB's Certified SCADA Security Architect (CSSA)

The CSSA determines if a candidate possess adequate knowledge to properly secure a SCADA system. It is designed to be relevant for power transmission, oil and gas and water treatment industries.

The CSSA certification provides professionals with an objective measure of competence as well as a recognizable standard of achievement. The CSSA credential is ideal for industrial network administrators and their managers, as well as IT professionals and their managers. The CSSA certification encompasses the following domains:

Pricing for SCADA Security - including the CSSA

Registered Training Providers for the CSSA are:

    InfoSec Institute
    Intense School


Call (866)-471-0059 or fill out this short form for current pricing

5 Full Days of Training +

  • SCADA Software

    Free limited use Triangle MicroWorks SCADA simulator license

  • Course Materials, Test Fees and Class Guarantees!

    5 Days of Expert SCADA Security Training from an instructor with real-world experience in SCADAsecurity and deep knowledge of course content.

    Guaranteed small class size (less than 10-16 Students), you get an intimate learning setting not offered at any of our competitors.

    CSSA Exam Fee included

    Breakfast and lunch catered in to the training facility. Some snacks and refreshments included.

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InfoSec Institute has an excellent instructor and this is the best IT security class I have ever taken. His knowledge and method of teaching are unsurpassed.