CompTIA Network+ Boot Camp


For a beginner to Network +, the instruction was excellent. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable which helped tremendously!
-Joan Runkel, US Army Recruiting Command

Net+ Course Overview



InfoSec Institute's Authorized CompTIA and Network+ Boot Camp is an 3-day accelerated, in-depth course that is structured to teach students the important and necessary tools of becoming a successful computer technician.

InfoSec Institute's 5-Day Network+ 2013 Boot Camp - Course Description
InfoSec Institute's CompTIA , Network+ Boot Camp is an intense, comprehensive five (5) day course that teaches students the necessary tools needed to become a successful computer technician.

Network+ - Now Updated to the 2013 Exam Objectives!
The ever-evolving networking capabilities of most organizations today require more advanced skills than just the certification. To help computer technicians further their skill set, InfoSec Institute features the Network+ segment of our Boot Camp. We teach our students important networking administration and support skills in order to achieve one of the most respected standard certifications an IT professional can attain. Once an individual gains a Network+ certification, he or she will display versatility in successfully implementing and supporting a network.

Why Choose InfoSec Institute?
Our five (5) day intense CompTIA Network+ Boot camp provides the most comprehensive approach to CompTIA Network+ certification. Network+ certification leads to career advancement, personal improvement, skills enhancement, and higher salaries.

  • Five (5) full days of intense instruction with no outside distractions
  • Quality, targeted prep books shipped directly to you prior to start of class
  • Exam vouchers for the and Network+ certification exams
  • On-site testing
  • Apply basic networking skills to work
  • Lunch and snacks provided on each day of class
  • Expanded marketability and credibility as an engineer or technician
  • Attaining some of the foremost certifications in the industry
  • Intense, detailed curriculum covering a broad range of critical IT professional skills





Prior to enrolling in InfoSec Institute's CompTIA Network+ Boot Camp, students should have a general understanding of Windows client operating systems such as XP, Vista or Windows 7 and experience with Microsoft products and technologies.

Pre-Class Preparation
Signing up for InfoSec Institute's CompTIA Network+ Boot Camp means more than just attending a three (3) day program. The program starts, with quality, targeted prep books shipped directly to you prior to the start of class.

CompTIA Network+ Study Guide

  • 95% Pass Rate!
  • The Industry-recognized leader!
  • Comprehensive Review Session
"For a beginner to Network +, the instruction was excellent. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable which helped tremendously."

Joan Runkel
US Army

Course Objectives:


  • Day 1
    1. Networking Basics
    2. The OSI Model
    3. The OSI layers in details
    4. Ethernet standards
    5. Networking operating systems

  • Day 2
    1. Unix/Linux
    2. Network Hardware
    3. Hubs, Switches
    4. WAN Technologies
    5. Wireless
    6. DSL

  • Day 3
    1. Network Security
    2. Encryption, Firewalls, Proxy
    3. NAT, ICS
    4. Backups, Troubleshooting
    5. Fault Tolerance

  • Day 4
    1. TCP/IP addressing
    2. TCP/IP and utilities
    3. DHCP and DNS
  • Day 5
    1. Exam Cram
    2. Take N+ Exam


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The best in the world come train with us

See what our students are saying

  • Debi Kemp

    US Army Recruiting Command

    "I passed -- Yee haw!!"

    "I passed -- Yee haw!!"

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  •   Joan Runkel
    US Army Recuirting Command

    "instruction was excellent"

    "For a beginner to Network +, the instruction was excellent. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable which helped tremendously."

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  • Kevin Boland

    Bentley Systems, Inc.

    "I never had a better instructor teach a class. I do mean ever."

    "The instructor was superb. I never had a better instructor teach a class. I do mean ever. He kept it entertaining as well as informational. He was able to apply theory along with real world examples. He stayed late to teach us on topics and discuss. He was truly top notch. ... I will be taking another class from your school in the future. Along with recommending my friends to your school"

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  • " ability to make material interesting and fun is rare"

    "As I mentioned before-the instructor's ability to make material interesting and fun is rare. He truly motivates you to not only pass the certification but, to become an IT security "Jedi" & live by the warrior code."

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Certifications & Compliance

Get Network+ Certified

Since its introduction in 1999, more than 235,000 people have become CompTIA Network+ certified. Microsoft includes CompTIA Network+ in their Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) program, and other corporations such as Novell, Cisco and HP also recognize CompTIA Network+ as part of their certification tracks.



The InfoSec Institute CompTIA Authorized Network+ Boot Camp is a tremendous community resource for 8750.1 compliance. The Network+ certification meets 8570 mandate.

Save your organization valuable training dollars by organizing a group on-site course. If you have 6 or more students, we can bring the Network+ Boot Camp to your office to train AND certify your team in 3 days. Act now to get you and your team compliant!

Pricing for our NET+ Training Course






    Exam Duration: 90 minutes each


    Recommended Experience:
    CompTIA A+ and nine months networking experience recommended, but not required


    Passing Score:
    The exam is graded on a scale of 100 - 900 and 720 is the minimum passing score


    Exam Codes
    CompTIA Network+ Exam
    CompTIA Network+ E2C Exam


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  • Intensive immersion!

    5 full days of the best NET+ training in the industry, with In-person access to the top security experts in the industry.

  • Massive review & highest pass rates. Free exam voucher

    During the five (5) day program, our instructors give you 100% of their time and dedication to ensure that your time is well spent. You will receive an all-inclusive immersion experience including most meals during your training experience, therefore you eat, sleep and train at the learning facility with no distractions!

    Network+ Certification Exam Voucher

    CompTIA Network+ Study Guide

  • Exam-pass guarantee.
    Opportunity to re-sit a classroom-based course for up to one year if you fail the exam. We have a 95% pass-rate on the NET+, so you will most likely NOT get to enjoy this benefit!!


InfoSec Institute has an excellent instructor and this is the best IT security class I have ever taken. His knowledge and method of teaching are unsurpassed.